When’s a good time to rebrand?

Having just rebranded Piece of Cake, Suzie takes a look at why rebranding could be good for your business…

If you ask people what ‘branding’ is, many will answer ‘your logo’, ‘your font’ or ‘your colours’, but branding is so much more than those things.

A decision to rebrand isn’t just about decision you don’t like Times New Roman as your typeface any more. There are many reasons why you might decision it’s time to give your business a fresh new look.

Here are some of those reasons:

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 17.27.23.png

Streamlining: Do you do lots of different things, but it would make sense to have all those things under one umbrella? A new identity helps streamline your product.

Demographics: Has your target audience changed since you started your business? The most relevant piece of advice I was ever given was ‘the business you start is not the business you’ll end up running’. This is very true to for Piece of Cake. A rebrand could help align with your new audience.

Your services: Have your services changed since you started out? Do you do more or different things than when you first launched? If so a rebrand can add clarity to your current offering.

Outdated: Are your colours, fonts or graphics outdated? A fresh new look and feel can make your feel modern and more professional.

Your message: Does your brand convey your message? This is the third branding exercise Piece of Cake has undertaken over the last six years. We felt the first brand – which included a cake stand – didn’t convey the message of a communications agency. The pacman style avatar does that.

Internal reasons: Decisions may have happened internally leading to the need to rebrand. A fresh new identity can be assumed and sends a subtle message that things are ‘different’.

Does it stick? Does your brand create a memorable impression? Do people look at your brand and instantly recognise it? If not, maybe it’s time for a rebrand!

Merging: This is perhaps an obvious one, but are you in the process of merging with another firm or brand? If so a new brand that combines the values of both previous brands is worth investing in.

According to the VIM group companies rebrand on average every seven to ten years, but it’s worth considering the above points when deciding whether it’s time to rebrand your business.

Get in touch if we can help your business rebrand.


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