Look who’s talking…

Perhaps one of the most powerful marketing tools available to any business large or small is probably the cheapest, most cost effective way of getting your message out there.

Here Suzie explores the power of Word of Mouth…

Conversation at Connect networking in Falmouth

Piece of Cake does very little marketing in terms of putting out press releases about the business growth, taking out adverts or boosting posts on social media. Not because we don’t believe in those things, quite the opposite, those things are the essential ingredients of the marketing we handle for our clients.

It’s because something works exceptionally well. We don’t spend any money on this particular form of marketing, but if anyone knows us they’ll know how we like a good chinwag, and that in essence has been the key our success.

Word of Mouth is probably one of the holy grails of marketing. It boils down to other people saying amazing things about your business, which in turn leads to recommendations or expressions of interest in what you do.

So how can you help the process of WOM along? How can you get people talking about you in a positive light? Here’s a great article from Forbes Magazine, which talks about just that.

To start with WOM will only come about if you have a product or service worth shouting about, so your business needs to be the best it possibly can. Think about what you want to be known for. It is your price point, your customer service, value? Essentially, what is it about your brand that you want others to repeat?

At Piece of Cake it’s that we are nice people to work with, who are experienced and talented at what they do. We sell our business based on personality and skill set – which means we don’t have to sell our business much at all – we just be ourselves.

ConnectLaunch10.jpgWe offer information and advice quite freely. After every training session I do, I say to delegates, if you have a question just contact me. Invariably they do, but I see this as a two way trade – being constantly asked questions about my own knowledge of social media and marketing keeps me at the top of my game. Being approachable and knowledgeable is a key factor when Piece of Cake is being recommended by others.

We network and run a networking group. Networking is extremely powerful in terms of encouraging others to talk about you and your business. So find networking events that’ll give you the opportunity to be gregarious about your skills. Piece of Cake also runs networking skills sessions for various organisations, groups and businesses, sharing tips and advice on how best to make the most of networking events.

Running training sessions that appear to be ridiculously under-priced is also part of the WOM long game. What better way to convince someone that you know your trade inside out than by teaching them a little of what you do! By doing this people see our natural delivery style and clear expertise and over the years we’ve reaped the rewards of those seemingly cheap sessions, by people coming back to us to take Piece of Cake on as its marketing agency.

To summarise find a way to shine, put yourself and your business ‘out there’, be informative, helpful and approachable. If you do these things you might not need to advertise quite so much, your clients will do that for you.

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