Blogging for business

Check out these useful tips on how to write blogs for your business…

The words I love blogging on tablet

Write a list

Think of useful things that you can share with your followers and customers that would encourage them to read your blog. Write down 6-10 different subjects that you could write about, you’ll then have at least a blog a month for forthcoming content.

Be creative with your content

Chiropodists might write about the best way to tie shoelaces to add additional support, beauticians might offer top tips to keep make up brushes clean.

Your blog is there to be interesting and informative, so try not to use as area to put up your latest ad or offer.


Yes, you are the expert, but by adding links to and from your blog you’ll be helping to improve your SEO and show your readers than you, yourself, are well read and informed. Here’s a link with more advice on blog writing. 


Avoid writing directly onto your website. Instead write the copy in Word so it can be edited, and edited again. Spelling mistakes and sloppy writing will give a negative impression.


Source great photographs to support your blog, it’ll make it interesting and break up the flow of copy.

Add headings

Not only will this help SEO again, but it’ll make it easier for the reader to read through what your blog.

Share and share again

Now you’ve written your blog, share it – across your social media, email campaigns – even on your email signature. And don’t be afraid to post it more than once.



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