Why design matters

Suzie considers why using a great graphic designer is vital for your business…


black pencils and design word

When Piece of Cake rebranded in the summer, we took a long hard look at the things we’re particularly good at. One of those things is design, thanks to our talented graphic designer Anna, who has more than a decade’s worth of experience.

First impressions count

Graphic design sets the tone for how people view you. Whilst I was previously happy to go along with the colour of Piece of Cake’s previous branding – which was purple – the feedback on the new colour has been significant, with people using language such as ‘more professional’.

A graphic designer will leave a lasting impression for your business. Through images, illustration, writing, a sense of professionalism will be delivered. 

Good design can do the following:

  • Keep your brand memorable
  • Help the flow of readable content
  • Set you apart from your competition
  • Offer consistency
  • Help you appeal to your target audience


Things to consider:


assorted color sequins


  • Colour is inextricably linked with brands. I bet you can tell me what the colours of Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco are! You can build brand recognition through your colour palette.
  • Consitency is key to colour! Use the same colour and colour palette across everything you use to promote your business
  • Keep it simple. Try not to use too many different colours so you’re easier to recognise
  • Think about your audience. What colours would appeal to them? Is one colour more feminine than another? Is this appropriate?


white ruled paper



  • Fonts make a difference to how we read, feel and think about a piece of writing
  • The easier it is to read something, the more we’re likely to engage with it
  • We trust certain fonts over another. Your brand is less likely to be taken seriously in Comic Sans, equally it may be taken too seriously in Times New Roman
  • Readers don’t read every word of your text. They jump and scan through the words. If your typeface makes reading certain letters confusing, your marketing message could get lost

Anna has been working with Piece of Cake for several years and has a wealth of experience in publishing, education, tourism, professional services, food and drink and retail. If you’d like to talk to us about your graphic design requirements – be that a logo, brochure, printed materials, whatever you might need – drop us a line.

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